Rules and Additional Information:

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1.  Please reserve parking for my truck and trailer close to the event site so we can offload the ponies/animals quickly and safely. This needs to be at least 3 long car lengths.  I have to be able to park straight - I can't park in a curve of I can't open my tail gate to unload the animals.  If you order just the zoo ONLY, then I bring just a truck and parking is simple.  But if you order the ponies then I need the extra space to park.

2.  The Balance due is Payable in CASH ONLY!

3.  For Ponies:  The ponies are for kids and there are Weight Restrictions!!  They carry weights of up to 50lbs and up to 75lbs only. We have to be strict on these as this is what my saddle seat belts are rated for. Ponies do best when they can walk on cement or blacktop (sidewalks, streets, driveways, etc.)  Grass is not ideal as it's not a very flat area for their hooves plus they just want to eat it and not work!  But if that's all you have, then we'll make it work.  AREA FOR PONIES MUST BE FLAT!!!   ***IF you are only having 1 pony, then we bring the bigger Red pony that carries up to 75lbs. *** The White pony will only work with the Red pony - she will not work alone!

4.  For Ponies:  I can decorate the ponies if you want to match your party theme.  I don't paint the ponies - just things that can be put on and taken off simply. (Like western bandannas, tiaras, flowers, etc.) If you don't have a preference then one pony is typically red western and the other is blue western.  I do not charge for this service – but can’t guarantee I can match exactly.  I’ll do my best!  I have different colors for Princess Decor, Unicorn Horns, Flowers for their Manes and Bandannas for their necks, etc.  Just let me know the colors.

5.  For The Zoo:  I bring the fencing (approx. 12x14), umbrella shade if needed, and hand sanitizer for the zoo. I typically put the zoo directly on your grass. They will nibble on it and fertilize it and we have an attendant in the zoo at all times cleaning up their droppings.  Since there are many types of grass I can’t guarantee the shape of your grass after we leave.  Typically it just looks like it was mowed, but some grasses they eat more of and some they don’t.  If you want or need to have the zoo on cement then I can bring a tarp with straw but must be ordered prior to the event so I can have it packed. I don't bring it unless it's been requested prior to the eventTHERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $25 CHARGE TO BRING THE TARP WITH SHAVINGS.  If you have artificial turf then you need to choose a different place for the zoo as I can't put it on the turf. Again, the tarp needs to be requested prior to the event or I won’t have it with me.  We can't put the zoo near oak trees or many types of fruit trees so please advise if your area has these as we may need to pick a different spot.

6.  For The ZooWe do not allow feeding or picking up the animals - for the safety of everyone. They may accidentally nibble on fingers if being fed, or knock kids down or chase them trying to get food. It makes for a very calm and relaxed zoo if they aren't worried about food. They are happy to nibble on the grass. I don't allow picking up as most of the animals have sharp toenails which can scratch children. I also don't want any animals getting dropped. Note: Goats & Rabbits may nibble/chew on clothing etc. - we will not be responsible for damage to clothing etc!!!***


7. Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. If cancellation is received 48 hours before the event, client can reschedule for another date, if available, otherwise the deposit is forfeited.

8.  Rain Policy: I give you approximately 2 hours prior to the event to keep or cancel the animals. If animals are ordered and we show up but cannot complete due to rain or visits get cut short due to rain, the full amount is due. If cancelled, I can try to find another available date and transfer the deposit otherwise deposit is forfeited.  I’m happy to bring an EZ up shelter that is 13x13 to fit the zoo under but I do not have a shelter for the ponies.  The bigger pony will walk in sprinkle or drizzle but the small pony will not walk in any precipitation.  If it starts raining then the ponies are put away.  I can also bring the ponies into a covered area or garage and let the guests brush them during rainy times in lieu of riding.

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